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The following testing and examinations are included at one visit (not required and at the doctor's discretion):  

  • eye pressure, color vision, visual field screening, fundus or wide field retinal photography, and visual acuity

  • anterior segment and ocular adnexa evaluation (the front part of the eye),

  • posterior segment evaluation (the inside or back of the eye)


  • 15% Discount (unlimited usage) available: additional exams ( including follow ups only for the purpose of an ocular health concern), additional testing (limited to testing available at your location, patient is aware that not all testing is included at all location)


  • A glasses RX will NOT be included.

Patients will receive the same testing and evaluation as listed under “eye health exam”.

The added advantage is: 

  • Glasses RX, 

  • standard lenses (single vision, polycarbonate material, and anti-reflective coating), 

  • VIP offered frames. (Right now, the frames being offered are the value collection)

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