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WELCOME! Visioneers Podcast- Episode #1 Intro

Check us out on Spotify/Apple Podcast or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast!

We will be discussing everything optometry, small business, faith, and leadership!

Throughout this podcast Kyndall and Sara will be hosting discussion on optometry, small business, faith, leadership.

We will be going deep into optometry, and eye issues that you may be dealing with. Do you have questions and concerns about your vision and have never felt confident enough to seek clarity? Message us! We will be happy to discuss what you are going through- because we are certain someone else is dealing with the same things.

We are small business owners also- we will diving into all things small biz! Marketing, advertising, social media, office culture and more!

We are a faith based company- how do we live out our faith with our business? What does that look like? How do we show people the Jesus in us as business owners?

Leadership discussions on how we lead and organize our organizations- pulling from the 'greats' of leadership thinking like John Maxwell, Craig Groschell and more.

Keep your eye out for Dr.Brooks, and other guest to bring some amazing thought discussions to the table!

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